Monday, 8 July 2013

How to play Google's Roswell Doodle

Today Google has a nod to 66 years since the "Roswell Incident", and to celebrate they have an interactive doodle where you play the part of a stranded alien.

When you click play you are treated to a short animation detailing where the parts of your space-hip end up. Your task is to retrieve these parts and escape.
  • You start on top of a small hill.
  • Walk down and you'll see the first part of your spaceship.
  • Walk left and you'll see a cow. Take the rope.
  • Walk right and you'll see a hole in the ground (where the cow is grazing after being released.) Jump down it.
  • Take the Radioactive "juice".
  • Use the juice on the tree and climb back up.
  • Walk right until you come to a barn.
  • Climb the ladder.
  • Take the horse shoe.
  • Take the bag of corn.
  • Use the rope and horse shoe to get part of your spaceship off the roof.
  • (Alternative, click on the barn window and a horse appears. Use the juice on the horse and stand back.)
  • Walk right again.
  • Give the corn to the chicken.
  • Take the feather.
  • Use the juice on the tree.
  • Climb the tree.
  • Use the feather on the sleeping human.
  • Take the final part of your spaceship.

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