Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year's Resolutions

1920x1200 + 1050x1680.

Yeah, yeah. Old joke. But never the less, I find it important to handle multiple screens. For one thing I always have multiple applications open at the same time. My Windows system is set to automatically launch various programmes upon start up. Opera, and Notes being the primary two main ones. There are secondary applications depending on whether I am at home or work.

The more astute of you will have looked at the above figures and realised that one is landscape, the other is portrait. Notes is always on the landscape screen. When I'm reading or editing documents it is always on the portrait screen. When faced with a wall of text I find it easier on the eyes to break the length of the lines into more manageable chunks. If the lines are too long it is harder to read.

I find also that programming is easier in portrait. So my Visual C is on the portrait screen. But Notes Designer is on the landscape screen. Mainly because the Eclipse IDE breaks things into sections and the primary section is small enough that you don't lose track of where you are. Proper indenting also helps... something you don't get when you are writing that long boring technical manual.

And one final word on one of my biggest sources of confusion. Confusion for other people that is. I don't have any icons on my "desktop". Nor do I have wallpaper. Quite frankly I don't see the point. Whon people look at my screen over my shoulder they always ask how I can find things. I always ask them the same question when I see their screens with thousands of little icons all over their desktop. I don't have them because 99.999% of the time my screen has full size applications open. I don't see any background. Files are all in their respective project directories or saved away in databases. Applications are started from the shortcut toolbar or the All Programs list as needed. Any time you can see the actual background of my screen is when it is not being used. And these days that is very few and far between.

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