Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Thats a lot of Computing power

Of course by "lot" I mean large amount of space, not large amount of capability.
The WITCH (Wolverhampton Instrument for Teaching Computation from Harwell) gets brought back on line. I have a large amount of respect for pioneers on the computing industry. They led the way for others of us to follow. Without them, where would we be?
Well probably living under a Nazi regime for one. It was the war effort which really pushed the boundaries in trying to develop computing power. As with anything in that era, it was driven by necessity. Of course these days it seems, "necessity" has been replaced by "greed".
One of the biggest increases in computing speciality in modern times is highly motivated by greed. That is organised gangs of developers trying to actively break into software and websites. And it's not just financial/banking websites. They will go after anything.
I run my own webserver, and one of the sites I host is an ecomerce site. By that I mean that it takes financial payments on credit cards (and by paypal). It's protected behind SSL of course. But that doesn't stop automated attacks against it by the thousand. Since February this year (when I started keeping extremely detailed records of all attacks) there have been over 30,000 separate attacks against it. This is going on all the time. Some of the sites are on a different IP address - and bear no relation to the primary. Yet they receive the same notice. Why? Because knocking on doors is cheap. Automated systems can run round the net day in, day out, looking for any chink in your armour. Once they get a single positive response to any of their methods, then the attacks start in earnest.
Do you really know who is attacking your servers? Does your website respond properly? More to the point, does you're website notify you when somebody makes a positive hit? If it's a Domino server then it really should. You never know what data you're exposing inadvertently.

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